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25 Feb 2019 - Time to Make a Record


Without a doubt, this is a tough business. It's a rare and wonderful thing when an opportunity arises to propel your music forward.

Brand new songs have blossomed this last year from an invite earlier on Delbert's Cruise by Kevin McKendree (Grammy winning keyboardist with Delbert McClinton, Brian Setzer, Joe Bonamassa, Buddy Guy, etc.) when he said "You should come out to the Rockhouse in Nashville and record."

"I have no money" I says.

"Just come out" Kevin says."We just finished John Haitt's new recording and have a little time."

Well, he worked me like a rental car till all hours, just goin' at it like kids with no adult supervision!

Yeah baby, we got 13 new songs too...only thing is...

"I have no money"

These fella's have been so kind to share their time and brilliance. I'm honored and inspired.

Don't know how yet, but I'm gonna try, with your help, to capture this opportunity through "Kickstarter" to raise the funds.

Visit Lloyd's Kickstarter page.



6 Feb 2012 - Robert “Housewine” Roden

For those of you that have followed the band since the beginning, I’m sorry to report the passing of Robert “Housewine” Roden.  Robert passed early Monday morning January 23, 2012. Bobby was truly one of the greatest tenor saxophonists on the planet. A true beatnik that loved every note and brought a smile to anyone who heard him play! Let’s “Hit The Road With Housewine” for a minute and share some of his adventure.

In the early years we toured the US on a Miller Beer sponsorship. Much like a scholarship but with beer. This fit “Housewines adventurous nature and love of the road. Miller Beer could not have found a more suitable representative (seen here proudly displaying our benefactors product). Bobby was able to hone his road skills at staying up late and eating poorly, to a fearless level. Often known to seek out the most bizarre foods possible for consumption, “Housewine could ingest “hot & spicy pork rinds, gummy bears, a strange blue carbonated beverage and “Big Hunk” simultaneously! Upon reaching the vehicle, his abounding joy of discovering … “sausages with cheese in the middle” was shared while admiring them up to the light. What could be better than this!

Continuing south, we find “Housewine” in his element. “Live” at BB Kings in Los Angeles, we often had guests join us (James Cotton, Red Allen, Carrey Bell). Their first words to me would always be … “who’s that tenor player man?” “He’s fantastic!”  Other beatniks would come from miles around to hear “Housewine play!

Here’s a photo with Rudy Draco on baritone sax, Housewine, and (our other favorite beatnik) Terry Hanck!

I chose to remember my friend, master musician, and road dog … Tearing the roof off the place with his horn!!!

Great memories!!


20 Jan 2012 - Got Them Ol' Computer Blues

After the Holidays and the second trip to Denmark, my computer got sick and died. So let's review for a minute. I found photos of Teresa James visit to Portland at "Duffs Garage" back in December. This turned out to be even more fun than I could hope. Besides having Teresa sing the duet "I Can't Stop" from our new recording, we sang some ol' nuggets, "Crying Time", "Drinkin' On The Weekend", "Nothing You Can Say" etc... I think the highlight of the "Janefest" was Teresa's take on "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"!! I promise we'll bring Teresa back when the new CD "Doing What It Takes" is released.

Denmark was a one gig this time! "Shaky Ground" held their 30th anniversary January 14, 2012. It was wonderful to hear all the people they've backed over the years and to be invited to play and be involved in their future plans. I was the only person at this event that did not speak Danish. I think it's time for "Rosettastone". The fella on the plane going Denmark was from India and spoke seven languages. On the way home I sat next to a woman from Russia that spoke at least five. Both were half my age. What I learned is... I have much to learn!


29 Oct 2011 - Bloggin' from Denmark


Hey cats & kittens out in grooveland. I'm diggin it here in Denmark! Here's a photo playing with James Harman a few nights ago. Big Fun! Been through Norway & Sweeden too. Big show tonight in Esberg tonight. Two more shows tomorrow. Then home.

Arriving in Denmark for the first time is a beautiful thing!

On the road again! Some things never change. Here are Band mates (L to R) Jan, Ulrik, Erik, & HC, and preparing our Lear jet for travel (with trailer).

In the beautiful coastal town of Pakhus, we played the Great Harvest Festival, ate their food, stayed in their homes, ate their food some more, then disappeared in the morning fog.

On to Norway! Fresh bread, fresh fruit, and delightful hospitality even in the most remote places!

Here’s the band! Shaky Ground. These are the fellas that we’re sooooo kind to invite me to Denmark, book all the gigs, learn all my songs, rehearse, drive me everywhere, feed me, house me, and… invite me back! It was a great hang even when I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. They tried teaching me a few Danish words, but my noises didn’t constitute actual words.

In the photo L to R is… NO on keyboards, Ulrik on Sax, The Shooter on bass, Jan on rhythm guitar, vocals,  Erik on drums, HC on trumpet, and yours truly on guitar and goofy hat.

Jan was Learjet captain, road manager, gear fixer, and personal tour guide. Erik was the cat who invited me in the first place and generally made me feel welcome. All the cats made me feel welcome. It’s the way of the people! We could learn a lot from our Danish friends.

"What did you eat" you may ask. Here's the menu and the dish we had for lunch. All fresh and grown right there in the community (Ribe). This town is over a thousand years old!

This is the venue in Esjberg called Tobakken. A really spectacular performing arts center where during our performance this video was recorded.

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